Saturday, February 4
make-ups aint nice.. 1:42 pm

hello..this is my 4th blog entry...

today is a "make-ups" day.. lessons i mean. just had microecons in the morning and going to have comms in an hours time. we had lunch with our microecons prof.. and i thought that he doesnt behave like one..(in a good sense). he is always smiley and he watches " Zhng my car!" which is a singaporean version of mtv's "pimp my ride". hahaha.. it's available at if u want. sometimes i wonder why i'm doing econs now. really wonder. i'm not really cut out to work in the corporate world.. aint interested in making money.. maximising profits.. blah blah blah. but then again, econs aint just about making profits and blah blah blah.. it's the study of people's decision-making behaviour. and this really keeps me going when i feel like switching course/degree. but then again, i would rather study medicine than this.. hahaha

anyway, had tennis yesterday. and clement wasn't my coach! ahhahhahaa.. it was pretty embarrassing (hope i spelt it right) at first cos i get missing the hits.. or hitting high shots.. or not hitting the ball at the centre of the racquet. and my tennis grip was shedding its "skin".. kinda disgusting. kept thinking "why am i here!!". but to fulfill my dream of beatiing edmund in tennis.. hehe okie. Anyway, when we were practising, weibo's ball hit my cheeks.. aww.. and that wasn't the end....

the thought of travelling to and fro nus and smu really sux.. i hate travelling man~ get sleepy and all.. argh! ANYWAY i went back smu after tennis to put my shoes into my locker and get my laptop. i also decided to bathe at smu's gyms. but when i stepped into the gym, i had an urge to run. so i walked quickly to my locker and i hit against the door of the top locker.. STRIKE 2!! and it was pain like.. i cant describe it! the girls in the locker room were like "omG! u ok..." and i was in my semi-conscious state.. ouch.

when i recovered from the hit.. i went to run.. and 10 mins into the run.. i had stitches ( issit spelt like this?). hurts like... i can't describe it either. after run, i needed a bath badly. i stank. so i walked briskly to the locker room again and LO and BEHOLD, i hit my forehead.. and it was pain like... when a hammer hits your brain.. it still hurts till today.. i think there is a bump. ouch.

so i went to bathe.. and when i went back to my locker.. i couldnt unlock it... the girl whose locker was above mine couldnt either. so we went to get the master key. nice girl. her name is shujuan i think.. yr 4 major in econs and finance! anyway.. we were talking and talking and she decided to bathe and i had to leave to meet suzi. while taking the lift at sess, i realised.. i forgot to take my tennis racquet from the locker.. so i went back to take it... haiz..

and when i wanted to tie my hair today.. i realised: i left my hair clip in the toilet.

i think i'm having amnesia. too many knocks on the head aint good. i'm losing my memory. help.

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