Thursday, February 2
debut blog 9:50 am


this is my blog..
if meiting sees this, she will be exclaiming "OMG!!"..

im not a blogger, but due to peer pressure from chuikhim and suzi, i have decided to create one and experience first-hand the "joy" of blogging..

actually, the main purpose of setting up this blog is an ode to ZF( suzi knows this too well :P). wanted to name it

but then again.. my new year's resolution is to be less judgemental.. to give a benefit of a doubt to people whom i dun really have a good impression of.. so i shan't be so mean, ya?

okie, i'm supposed to be paying attention to mpw class.. we are studying personalities and the different personality tests to evaluate people's personalities(duh!).. did the ever-popular mbti test and im a ENFP... im an extroverted, intuitive, feeling and perceptive person.. whoah...

and another test concluded that im a collective person.. instead of an individualistic one.. darn.. so much for being individualistic...

ah..nvm.. and for ur info tholomas, i was not nervous today at FA... i was shivering cos i was cold!

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