Thursday, February 2
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my 3rd blog...

i'm finally quite satisfied with my blog skin and layout.. decided not give another thought for it cos it is costing my time.. hahaha..

met lish for lunch at TCC @smu. i'm spluging again! well, she had lagsana and i had apricot-crust dory fish and boy.. it was super-licious! top with apricot sauce and coated with pulped-apricot.. the dory fish was finally laid above a bed of smooth mash potatoes before the dish was served... heavenly.. beats macaroni-gratin! (meiyan! u should try it!)..

talked about our lives and thoughts... didnt notice that Brother Paul was sitting at the long table at TCC with ex-cjcians.. he still has that small square head and huge rectangle body that he is known to have by our class.. hahhaa okie, forgive me. i'm not a feminist advocate or something like that.. but i just feel that guys are born jerks today.. just today. after my talk with lish.. i think that faithful and loving guys have ceased to exist in the world today. hence, we girls should learn to be emotionally independent of them.

well, think about this: if girls do not exist in the world, the only reason guys would wish that girls exist is to put their "other" head to good use. On the other hand, if guys do not exist in the world, then the reason why girls would wish that guys exist is to shower them with TLC! someone to make them feel important, significant, loved and to depend on emotionally.

sounds cliche,eh? haha but very few guys can really do it... well nvm.. i just wanna sterotype guys just for today. period.

our comms prof approached my group and asked us whether we could let an indian guy join our group. then suzi and i were like "how come we keep adopting people into our groups??!!" first was for FA, now for comms.. blah. every group doesnt want him, neither do we... not because we dont like him. but because our timetable might clash and cmon! we have 5 people currently; 6 is definitely a crowd! but we felt bad cos he is like kinda like a "reject" or "outcast"... and we were like openly discussing whether to take him into our group with the prof in front of him lah! i just hope that he will not be a free-rider or anywhere near it like... nvm.. (you know who, suzi)

anyway, i'm gonna have my first official tennis lesson tmr at NUS.. and clement will be coaching... Can he coach at the first place? (ouch!) hahahhaha.. ok lah.. shall TRY to change my point of view since he's my ltb proj mate.. kidding clement! :P

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