Thursday, February 2
finally... 1:54 am

its almost 2 am.. and i just finished settling the dumb blog of mine..
maybe im not fated to be a blogger.. i cant find the photos that i had uploaded...!!!
so irritating.. argh!

anyway, vegus just msged me.. well.. almost everyone who read my msn nick where like "omg jayne! u have a blog?!! it's so not you!!"

hmm... okie.. i'll take it as a compliment! :)

okie, abt my day.. watched fearless with meiyan after FA.. had lunch at thai express though.. man, we miss khao lak and khao phat gai so much that we had to satisfy our urge to eat some thai food to reminsce the days of SFH...

back to the movie.. fearless was quite ok.. better than i expected it to be. the only funny thing was jet li sounded like a horny ah-pek when he spoke in the earlier part of the movie.. the pitch was too high and all.. then i discovered that it is his natural voice! poor guy.. and that jap fighter at the end of the movie looked not-so-bad.. just that the pupils of his eyes were too big.. so much so that it is as if he had alien eyes ( those w/o the white part of the eye).. ewwww....

speaking of good looking actors, i watched king kong during CNY.. CNY was so boring that i forced myself to watch this dreadful show.. for a moment, i thought that the actress in the movie was IN-LOVE with king kong!

in-love with a primate??... ewww...

but then again, my cousin's friend and i agreed that king kong satisfy all the requirements of being a potential, eligible bachelor: he is TALL (ok.. huge is a better adj to describe it) , DARK ( he is black lah..), and Handsome (for an ape, at least)... hahaha ok.. lame

so maybe next time, if the world is left with jerkish male homo-sapiens, we girls know who/what to look for... *thinks*.... ewww..... nah.. i will nv be with an ape.. i would rather die..

okie... im tired.. this is my 2nd blog.. :)

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