Thursday, February 8
special mention 11:59 pm

ok darly, u win since u are in :
  1. 3rd exco
  2. 4th exco
  3. and my vph BALLS ..:)

THANKS DARYL TAY WEI-YANG! for.... ________ ( u fill in the blanks)


anyway, special mention today. i think this sem, my class participation grades will be above average as compared to all preceding semesters. i had law and econs class and my prof for once, looked and me and ask me to answer a series of legal questions. and he strictly allowed non- biz law student to answer. and he actually thought i took biz law.

wow jayne, i look biz-lawish.

so anyway, i gave a splendid answer (thanks to the textbook) and when he changed the scenario, i panicked. but still, after smoking around, i gave another splendid answer while watching a movie (coyote ugly) on my laptop.

woohoo.. looks like im not gonna be invisible anymore cos he remembers my name.

go go go, class participation!

anyway, im addicted to a new artiste. Amy winehouse.

no, you darn people. not because she has any alcoholic in her name but because i like her lyrics and kind of music. go listen to her songs --- you sent me flying and F*** me pumps. vulgur it may seem, but she writes about reality. non-sadish lyrics.she is a very bold songwriter with a new feel to acid jazz,soul music. trying to upload the song to radio blog , so holdon.

about her
    jayne, 21
    smu econs
    needs a reboot in her life.
    needs to eat and exercise more.
    waiting on Him

your shout outs

her juke box
    just click the play button to listen

    Backstreet boys - how did i fall in love with you

    tribal jam - remind me

    justin timberlake - my love

    delta goodrem - be strong

    bethany joy lenz - let me fall

    sean paul - give it up (step up OST)

    neyo - so sick

    jojo - little too late

    corrine bailey rae - like a star

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