Wednesday, February 7
"familiar feeling has returned...." 12:25 am

febri asked me after agm.

"jayne, i thought u dont wanna do this kinda of thing anymore? in the end, still become vp.."

thanks feb. just had smube's agm and was voted in as vp. history has repeated itself once more and i find myself standing infront of the obstacles, feeling tired yet challenging them " give me your best shots, you buggers! ". the feeling of heaving a huge sigh of relief, yet relief was replaced by a burden unknown.

i'm just gonna be used to it. done it once, i can do it twice. in a good way.

jas voluteered to nominate me during the agm and it is pretty weird (in a good sense) to see & hear a very close, dear friend cum relative talking about and marketing me. yeah, but i love jas too! :) not because she said good things about me, but for being a awfully good friend. for looking at me as who i am and not a smu/smube junior. for being a cheerleader at heart. :)

many thanks to people who gave me support today:
  • God.
  • the 3rd exco!
  • jas, david, kerchoon, adelene, gilbert, geraldine, jx, fordie! and i think mr ffw.. hahaha
  • the 4th exco.
  • my vph people.
  • my lovely cousins, james and jermaine
  • and BE

now its time to remember the names of exco members......

about her
    jayne, 21
    smu econs
    needs a reboot in her life.
    needs to eat and exercise more.
    waiting on Him

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