Monday, February 12
cleaning up my closet. 12:29 am

was doing a little cleaning up of my closet. actually, more like packing up. wasn't in the mood to do anything this weekend but to rot at home. then, i just kinda thought that i needed to do something with my life. i cant possibly continue like this; promised myself earlier this year to take the first step regardless how long it would take for me to progress to the next. in the end, i kinda took out some things from my closet, shelf and packed them neatly in a box.

going to use them when im ready to do so.

there goes step one. painful but it has to be done.

anyway, i thought it was fated for me to be at home yesterday. the garang guni guy came and my mum forced me to stand by the door and receive some coins for our recycling effort. so that guy was taking newspaper by its mini-stacks and i was wondering why he is taking such unneccesary steps to move the newspaper. in the end, in the midst of all the magazines and newspapers, therein lies my long-lost...PENCIL CASE!!!!. i turned to my mum and said " mum! why did u put my pencil case there!!!!!!!!!!!" and all she could say is " opps. i didnt see it."

so i spent $20 odd to buy new stationaries only to find my pencil case absent-minded misplaced by my mum. at least it is back. i needed my calculatorS back. good news number one.

i lit aroma-therapy oil last night to soothe my nerves. never believed in all these nonsense but for once, it did its job well; the nice aroma of eucalyptus (yeah, sometimes i wonder whether im a koala bear....) pretty got some distracting thoughts off my mind and i actually smiled to sleep. i guess i really needed the sleep very badly judging from me unable to wake up this morning for church and the pillow didnt bother me that much.

so went to teach my yd kids after forcing myself out of bed. they were cute, not. but thank God for them. so, went to my granny's place after 3 weeks for lunch. afterwhich, went out with jerms to novena for a unusual drink at harry's bar. the place was bad cos pepper lunch was beside it and stank the place like fish. but it has been great talking to my dear cousin over a bottle of diluted henni ( thats why jerms call it).

so when i went home, i bummed around for an hour before dragging my fat butt off the couch and run around my estate. i need to exercise not to keep fit.

"exercise gives you endorphines. endorphines make you happy. happy people don't just kill their husbands.. they just don't! " - legally blonde.

ok, i don't intend to kill my husband cos i dun even have one. ok, one fiance who is too poor to support me.. *stares at the guilty one..* i didnt run alot but enough to make me feel fit. ran to my granny's place for dinner for another veggie meal. healthy smug jayne.

after dinner, i psycho-ed my cousin, jasmine, to go to her house and watch hanadori dango, for the 4th time for me. so there you have it, 2 drama-freak girls sitting on my auntie's bedroom floor laughing away. then, this show made me discover one thing: is it possible to like someone ugly. YEAH. look at Dao Ming Si in the show, he is drop-dead-UGLY. but as the plot, this character developed into such a charming young guy. his Ugliness simply disappearred and replaced but adjectives like patient, kind, caring, having faith.. and most importantly, COMMITTED to his decisions.

woots. jayne is dreaming of her ideal person again.

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