Tuesday, May 23
just wanna complain it out 11:13 pm

its been a long time since i felt an urge to blog.

signs of an inconsistent blogger, i have it all. dunno why, im just simply too lazy to pen/type my thoughts down. in the end, i forget events that were happy, only rememebering those that were sad and depressing.

i seriously hate working. its boring to the core. everyday, i have to beg the interns to remind me the reason i am working: to earn enough $$ for the taiwan trip. 1 month of work should be enough to cover the fixed cost of the trip if it wasnt so expensive. then i started to think: stupid, i shouldnt work. i should be more active in school cos this is the last leg of my education. after which, its just work, work work. should enjoy my school life while i can. Work is boring, waste of time and tiring. the only incentive: money. even money cant motivate me to go to work now. every 10 minutes, i earn a dollar. it may sound alot but if u pass your math, im actually bloody underpaid for an undergrad. underpaid for tuition, now underpaid for work.

i finally understood the meaning of " 2 negatives don't always give u a positive". underpaid undergrad is a very good example.

im just so looking forward to bintan. just get out. hopefully do some sport or go for some spa. my life is pretty much screwed that hopefully this getaway will help to unscrew it.

next thing im looking forward to: meeting meiting and gang. MEITING, I MISS YOU GIRL!!!!!!! WHY ARE U SO BUSY?!!! btw, shall we have steamboat at freedy's house again? :X

the next next thing: archery. i hope this will be my last stop in my quest, in search for my niche in sports. gilbert (my convoc teammate) miraculously persuaded me, in 5 short minutes, that archery is a great sport to take up. but WHY MUST BE THE RANGE BE CLOSED THIS SATURDAY??!! I COULD USE SOME SHOOTING OF ARROWS NOW!!! now have to wait till 2-3 weeks later.. AH!

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