Saturday, August 25
missing working life... hmm 1:31 am

week one has just ended. work ended the week before.

it is quite scary to see how weeks pass so quickly. on my last day of work, i ended at 9pm... had to type my last minutes for my dept. well, no matter how shitty this internship was, i was glad that when i said my goodbyes to them, they thanked me and talked to me like a normal staff, not just like an intern. my bosses bought me a clutch bag and a leather belt, both from aldo accessories, under the company's tab. nevertheless, i thought it was sweet of them to even do a proper nice goodbye.

a little bit of nostalgia. i will miss my monthly source of income, where i can spend comfortably and be financially independent. i will miss working without worrying about exams. miss working and going through shit with my colleagues and fellow interns. miss my daily morning cup of hot green tea. miss marina food court, yami yogurt motivation session, cedele sandwiches and carrefour shopping sessions. royce chocolates omg-so-damn-good breaks. random gossiping sessions via email, internal phone or in my office. miss talking to the friendly swiss people. miss my office (which is a meeting room shared by 2 other interns). miss the executive toilet (if u know what it is used for). miss the free drinks in the pantry. miss going to certain levels to do work and catch a glimpse of someone. miss the "scandalous" office romance... ok, not. im very professional.. kong shi fen ming yeah? miss intern's gatherings and birthday celebrations.

but i will not miss working my butts off for work and BE at the same time.. super tiring, i tell you.

oh well, it was really memorable.:) but i wun wanna go through it again. glad i even survived.

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