Thursday, May 10
sick again 6:21 pm

One week into my internship and I think im not a favorable choice as an intern.

Tuesday night, did OT again. Im not complaining. Met zhizai for dinner after that. Felt super bad cos I was supposed to meet him at 730 but my meeting ended at 830 and he was on his way home already.

When I reached home, I felt an immense discomfort and started puking the whole night. Woke up yesterday morning and I had to drag myself to work. I nearly gave up going to work at the mrt station. But I have a lot of work to do so somehow I convinced myself to work.

Through out the morning, the office felt like a freezer. I was sitting beside one of the bosses and he kept looking at me as to why im hugging my jacket so tightly. Then, I decided to see a doctor during lunch time.

I had a very high fever and super dehydrated and the doctor suspected dengue fever. She wanted to give me 5 days mc but I told her that im only 1 week into my internship and that is not going to reflect well about me. So she changed it to 1.5 days and on Friday if my fever does not go down, I have to take a blood test.

So I went back to office. Did a couple of work before I left at 3. slept till 2.30am last night when I woke up cos I felt super dehydrated. I ate 3 mouthful of porridge and I was next to the toilet bowl puking again. Effectively, I have not eaten since Tuesday lunch.

What a great way to lose weight from the aussie trip.

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