Saturday, March 31
another bad day??!!! 12:26 am

is it me or coincidence seems to like me a whole lot.

i have been getting nothing but whizzes of murphy's law occuring and reoccuring in my life for the entire week.

let's just see. last night(thursday night) i reached home at around 12 and started reading my IE textbook to do the hw which was due today at 5pm. however, at 3 am.. my brain shut down and i was dead beat .. and i didnt start the hw. so i set my alarm t 6.30am and another at 7am to wake myself up to do the hw or at least be punctual for my last FT class for the sem. i didnt hear the 1st alarm went off and i woke up at 7.15am.. which is the earliest i've woken up since... last week.

i had adequate time to iron my formal clothes.. but no, something has to mess my life and somehow, my shirt couldnt not be ironed straight. no matter how hard i tried, it still look like a mess and i was late for class.

then i realised during FT class that i had to send a soft copy of my birth cert and education cert to SIA for application and i forgot to bring it to school. but i had to do my IE hw by 5pm and send the application before office hours end.

i was dead meat to the core corecore... i rushed to the bank to make a transaction.. finished my application after lesson, then met ryandall and nat for ctv meeting.. then did IE homework with mengchoon and ran to-and-fro SESS and library to seek help for the the time everything ended, it was 5pm. the only reward, a$10 voucher from kino by my IE prof, as promised.

i realised that smu is not strategically located to hail a cab. so i called for one and i was on my way home at 5.30pm. it was my 5th time on the cab since sunday..yeps im broke and no cast can mend it (cold reached home at 5.45pm and tried to scan my cert into my bro's laptop. but he didn't pick up the phone and i couldnt access his laptop. i frantically search for the installation disc for the scanner/printer and after a tormenting 15 minutes, i managed to find it.

so the installation began.... and it failed. WTC!!! MURPHY SHOULD GET KILLED TO HAVE SOME KIND OF LAW. i panicked and tried again. the installation took 20 minutes and i was dead.. 6.20pm and i have not replied them yet. i've got 10 more min before i kiss my potential internship goodbye and goodnight.. forever. so i got the cert scanned but murphy just loves me.

i tried to attached the files but it took a zillion years to attach one file. and i realised, the stupid scan certs were at least 7mb each. DUMB! so i had to change the format from jpeg to gif and send it out.. and I WAS LATE.

LATE FOR MY APPLICATION. LATE FOR A MOVIE-CUM-BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION FOR MARVIN AT J8. i think kenji would love to kill me now. it was suppose to be another surpise movie thing for marvin but i was late. i quickly left home and decided to take a bus down to bishan. but NO, murphy wants to marry me. the main road next to my estate was having its first jam since singapore gained independence. WHATS WRONG WITH EVERYTHING. the vehicles were moving at the speed of 1mm per min or something..

so i decided to walk to the mrt station from the busstop. when i was 5 minutes away from the mrt, murphy decided to swear his love for me, leaving me no choice but to relent.

** PS: my feet were full of blisters since wednesday. blisters on my toes, under my toes and at the joints of my toes. in short, my feet are red and look like i have leprosy or something.

so my slippers broke. my lovely yellow slippers i bought from phuket 1.5 years back broke. i was along a pathway next to a mainroad and i can honestly tell you i never felt so popular before. all the passerbys, all the drivers were staring at me.. some stupid aunty was being unsympathetic and scoffed at me while she walked pass. *breathe jayne.. breathe...*.

heck it. i took off the scandles and walked BAREFOOTED (with zillions of blisters on both feet) on the pavement and ROAD with puddles of disgusting bacteria infested water. and walked to toa payoh hdb hub with more people staring at me. i gracefully walked into a shoeshop and the sales lady, who looked like her pet dog died, started laughing as if mr bean was dancing infront of her.

my life is miserable. why am i suffer so much for murphy. but the good thing was, she was kind enough to help me dispose my dearly beloved slippers. and FINALLY made my way to j8... and watch TMNT and i wonder why i paid 9.50 to watch a i-cant-find-any-adjectives-to-describe-how-stupid-i-am movie.

nevermind. i headed back school for starry starry night and ryandall was finally behaving like a man and decided to treat us a round of beer. ok, ryandall is nice and not whiney for once.

Thank God my day ended decently. thank you...

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