Thursday, December 21
sunshine after the rain! 3:48 am

it stopped raining! amazing! but singaporeans are one bunch of weirdos. when it was raining like mad, everyone was " !@#$%%, when will it stop raining?" today, the sun was shining like it never shone before. scorching to be exact. and everyone was diss-ing about the sun.

but, sunshine is good. i finally got out of house and met up with my friends:
  1. dim sum buffet with ting and iona @ excelsior hotel. it was $10+++ and was ok. just hoped i could eat more the next time round.
  2. starbucks coffee@ fullerton hotel with iona, ting and adeline. just a whole loads of fun bimbo-ing around.
  3. doing nothing in front of giodarno raffles city with ting. we were both trying to kill time before the next meeting with our friends. we were so bored that we thought that those plastic male models in robinsons were quite good looking. shit la, i think ting and i are beyond home. to think we had to degrade ourselves to look at them....
  4. met BE peeps for movie @ cathay. the curse of the golden flower. it was not bad cos IT HAS A PLOT FINALLY. beats the house of flying daggers... but the show over exaggerated alot of things. there were too much gold stuff, army troops, killings, incest incidents and shane's favourite--- boobs overload. eww. literally.
  5. clubbing @ zouk with some other BE people. IT WAS SUPER CROWDED THAT I REALLY WANTED TO DIE. remember that we learnt in sec school: liquid has no definite shape but has definite volume. the molecules move around the definite volume of space. that's what zouk like. i was squeezing my lungs to move a milicentimetre every second. totally squash. was so thankful to darrell that he saved me and pulled me out of phuture for 10 mins. effectively, i took 20 mins to leave phuture and another 10 mins to leave zouk totally. my battle scars show my struggles: broken toe nail and abrasion (caused by some girl's high heels) on my feet, and a very sore foot.

i think im better off baking. baking and cooking tmr!!!!

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