Tuesday, December 19
100th post!!!! 3:40 am

its the 100th post! and to celebrate the ridiculous posts i have uncreatively written... here are some photos from the past 2 days : names u shldnt label ur brands, if u were the brand manager.... courtesy of ikea. hehhh. ideas contributed from ikea dinner outing with the og peeps: mabs, thol, darrell and michelle:)

not chocolate? then what?

yeah tholmas.. oh boy.. didnt know u were ga....

eat this and DAIM! (shut up)

give this to all the smuggers before exams. 100% top scorer guaranteed

sleeping candies. now we know why people snore alot in europe..( it is called "snore" btw..)

hehh oh well.. after a full meal at ikea.. ( 3 plates of meatballs, 1 poached salmon, 2 slices of cake, 1 chocolate moose, 10 chicken wings and drinks).. this is as silly as it gets.

have another cool photo i took at my aunt's hdb lift.

number 1: ARMED??!!! so what.. u are going to shoot? ( no pun intended.. heh)

number 2: is the device a smell detector or camera..... hmm..

number 3: why does singaporeans need to acronym EVERYTHING. as if i will remember UDD is urine detection device. " hey, that's UDD....." duhs..

so after a full meal, met mason and tim for supper at newton. im growing fat. they ate snails. called "zut zut". my gosh. firstly, it is gross eating slimy cold blooded shelled living things. secondly, it is even more gross eating uncooked, greenish, algae-ish snails! typhoid dude!!!!

argh.. the weather spoilt it all. rain splattering everywhere and were kinda stuck at the food cenre till about 2 am. so ended up talking nonsense.. like will we ever have kids and why. ( ya, why were we talking abt it?!?!). heh

oh, i got the new additions to my xmas want-list:

  1. crabtree and evelyn's rose water perfume
  2. penguin (i cant spell..) water dispenser from action city.. haha to remind me to drink 8 cups of water everyday??
  3. everything from MUJI and IKEA!!!!!
  4. ipod nano and crumbler bag.. hahahahahhaha *hint to someone..*

materialistic jayne.. hahahaha

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