Saturday, February 9
West Coast trip: LA- Hollywood & Santa Monica 5:37 pm

arrived at LA last night on chu yi. it is pretty funny how i'd spend my cny this year. lets talk abt chuyi; had reunion dinner with my fellow significant thirds at the basement of our house. 3 lonely singaporeans preparing our steamboat with a wide array for meat, seafood and veg, all in the name of clearing our fridge before leaving toronto for 11-13 days. if not, all the food will rot. This steamboat thing is pretty a good idea; we made our own ice lemon tea, our own beef shabu-shabu, king crab legs, 2 flavors of either homemade chicken stock or tomyum based soup. most importantly, we used our ricecooker as our steamboat machine! :) good stuff and probably the best meal i EVERY eaten since touching down in toronto. hohoho.. the food is just getting better. will post the photos on facebook soon! what's cool is that there was a snow storm outside our house.. and everywhere is white and snowy. so, is it christmas or cny... i wonder..

anyway, our trip to the toronto int'l airport is rather interesting. in the effort to save money on transport, we (5 girls and 1 guy) decided to take a bus to the airport. BUT the bus driver was rude (im surprised, 1st rude canadian public officer) and we landed about 2 km from the airport departures. but we managed to get to airport in time for last minute check in after flagging down a cab. this cab driver is one kind of a big time arse; i gave him 20 bucks for the cab fare (and i was expecting a change) and the cab fare was only 5 dollars. he returned me 5 bucks and saying it was a tip. then baolin asked me why i paid the driver cos SHE PAID him 10 bucks before. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE CAB DRIVERS AT THE AIRPORT!!!! IT IS NOT THE FIRST TIME!!!.

anyway, landed in LA at night and im 14 hrs behind sg now (3 hrs behind toronto). i didnt know our accommodation is right smack in hollywood: HOLLYWOOD INTERNATIONAL HOSTEL. if u watch the oscars, the hostel is just opposite the theatre where they hold the show. so u can see like stars walking down the red carpet. this weekend is the grammies @ the staples centre. so we kinda missed it cos we will be in LA by then. the hostel looks dodgying but it is really ok. what else can u demand from for a 18-bucks a night hostel. thursday night is the start of the wkend for north americans. so even though the shops are closed, clubs are happening places to be at.

headed down to take a few snap shots of the popular hollywood sign. still cant believe im at hollywood after so many years of watching the shows on TV. LA is the place where all the stars lives. but all honestly, toronto and la feels pretty much the same (Except for the snow part and more crazy ang mohs screaming and lifting their shirts to show their manly nipples while driving pass us. Hollywood is really what u see in the movies; people gettin arrested, people selling starhouse maps, walk of fame and the hand&foot prints cement slab @the chinese theatre kodak centre. other than that, tourist rip off i guess.

headed down to san monica at around noon; passed by UCLA and beverly hills. seriously, their beaches are gorgoeous. love the sand and the sun. i was so happy to be LA cos i get to wear slippers (flippys) and tube dress with leggings! no downcoat or boots or 3 layers of clothings for winter. when we reached the beach, i decided to do the one thing i have to do on my exchange travelling: smu jump! funny how we dont do the smu jump until we are out of smu. hur hur. so 6 of us... doing the smu jump over and over again... UNTIL a freak accident came. Kai (one of the girls) had a bad landing and sprained her knee cap very badly. so jasper and i were like running like baywatch lifeguards to find the nearest drug store. in the end, we took her to the nearest hospital (which is UCLA medical centre). quite an interesting way to explore LA rather than to get on a guided tour. the wait was long so we decided take a walk out to eat KRISPY CREMES!!!! with coffee bean drinks.

I AM A COOL PERSON! :p u know back in sg, everyone thinks that malibu dream sucks. but hey, it is the most popular drink in Santa monica (cos maybe it is just 5 miles way from malibu itself. but due to its popularity, it was sold out. darn, and i thought i can drink malibu dream at its place of origin.

So after a long wait and consultation, kai is in a cast with crutches. one man down so everyone has to carry extra weight. we bought tv-and-microwavable dinners to eat back at the hostel. hur hur.. poor us. it's gonna be TV dinners and potatos and junk food for the next 11 days.. im REALLY gonna look american.. and it shows.. :(

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